Elderly people
Action “Bring a joy” pleased the elderly and children

On the eve of Purim, the results of the traditional Purim charitable action “Bring a Joy” were summed up. From February 1 to February 22, sweets collection points were organized throughout the city, where everyone could bring sweets, cookies, chocolate – in a word, everything that children love so much […]

Volunteer project “Shabbat Guest”

To maintain the traditions and culture within the community, considerable efforts of all generations are required. That is why young people need to keep in touch with the older generation.

Volunteer project “Who, if not us?”

A house is a place where we can be ourselves. We love our house; however, some of us do not always manage to keep it in an acceptable state.

Shooting of documentaries with veterans of war

The Second World War touched absolutely everyone. Historians have told a lot about this, and the young minds still are interested in the events of those times.

Volunteer project “Origins of Mercy”

Each of us met single old men and women on the streets of the city, in lines of polyclinics or in public transport. Everyday business is much more difficult for them than for us.

Volunteer project «Fashion Show»

Every woman at any age wants to be beautiful and well groomed. However, sometimes beauty may become inaccessible because of the daily women’s cares, work or health condition.

Volunteer project “Cooking together”

To overcome loneliness, ordinary communication may be combined with something pleasant and useful. For example, with cooking!

Volunteer project “Dance School”

Always wanted but were embarrassed to dance? Were you dreaming of winning the hearts of millions with dancing? Dearest wished do not have age!

Volunteer project “Old age is a joy”

People need to feel care in any age. A child needs mother’s kindness, a juvenile – father’s guidance, and an old man – respect from his descendants.