“Creation Space” Project

On May 19, the “Creation Space” project held the last performance. Graduates of the project achieved good results during the course and were ready to show them.

The event was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Six participants met the audience face-to-face. People came to support them and to enjoy the performance. There were only 13-15 spectators, but this was quite enough for our first concert.

In fact, the main thing for us was that the guys lost theirs fear and got on the stage. They prepared a wide variety of speeches on different topics: smoking, good deeds in our lives etc. Presentations turned out to be interesting, as they were accompanied by both speech and feedback from the participants.

In addition, the project coordinator – Igor Chepoi shared his opinion on the success of graduates. He was pleased with the presentation of the guys and their work. He also pointed out despite the fact that there were difficulties related to the lack of experience in public speaking, the guys did a great job! We are sure we can trust the opinion of the coordinator!

The most important thing for the project is that its participants took their first step – they left their comfort zone. We wish graduates to succeed in public talking! We thank them for attending classes, listening information with great interest and learning to accept critical opinion. We are grateful to the working team for the help and support. Many thanks to the spectators who visited us on May 19 and saw the result of the work done by the “Creation Space” project.

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