“Crazy hands”

We give warmth and attention to the elderly at our meetings

Elderly people always need care and attention. Many of them are lonely, many have health problems, and as they age, all people become weaker and more vulnerable. Our Center’s volunteers take care of them, try to please them, pay attention to them, and help them.

Every day we hold online meetings for the elderly. These are meetings on different topics, various master classes, discussions, conversations, as well as meetings aimed at preserving your favorite traditions.

For example, on Mondays at 16:00, volunteers and the elderly gather at the meeting ” Crazy hands” – master classes on making interesting things, finger exercises and exercises that develop fine motor skills of the hands. All this, of course, passes for a pleasant conversation. We share news with each other, talk about life and what is happening around us. Such meetings are always easy and heartfelt.

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