City Forum dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in Moldova.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on December 3 since 1992.

On this day, for the first time the Republican Volunteer Center organized a citywide Forum dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. During the day, lectures and master classes were organized. Victor Izbash told the guests about two models of disability, medical and social, about etiquette when dealing with people with disabilities and topics that should not be raised. Like many people with disabilities, in his childhood, Victor was inspired by the books of Nicholas Vujicic, and since then he decided to help these people to adapt to society, and to motivate them to live a full life. Elena Krismar, participant of the forum “Women with disabilities”, conducted a master class on embroidery with beads. Diana Bragarenko, future social worker, showed what kind of hand-made pieces in quilling technique were performed by her wards, and taught all comers this technique. Alena Donchu, member of the Public Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, shared stories from her volunteer activities and held a session on braiding bracelets. Alina Nikolaev presented the association “Motivation”, and also demonstrated flowers made of satin ribbon, that she teaches to make people with disabilities.

By their example, they proved that they are the same full-fledged people as each of us. What limits them, in fact, makes them stronger. They get education, go in for sports, play musical instruments, sing, and dance and do it much more diligently than many healthy people. They appreciate their time, friends and kindness of others. Every day they struggle for their lives, for their future, and we do not even guess how difficult this war with their own bodies is. That’s why we should not treat people with disabilities as infirm and sick. Disability is not a sentence, but an obstacle that must be overcome day by day.

At the closing of the Forum, we awarded participants with diplomas and gifts. In addition, Valentina Lebedeva, the founder of the “VITA Deafblind” Association for Children and Youth with Disabilities, showed the guests a film based on the life of her family, that tells how and why the Association was created, as well as about centers for deaf blind children that work in Moldova. The event ended with the concert where Maxim Zavidia, Samir Login, and the children from the Public Center for Children with Disabilities performed.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank the guests and participants of the Forum who presented this fairy tale to all who were with us on this day! We are also grateful to our partners: “Motivation” Association, Public Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, “VITA Deafblind” Association for Children and Youth with Disabilities, “NES” Family Service, “Hesed Yehuda” Charitable Foundation, “Joint”, JCC “KEDEM” for the help and support in carrying out this important event!

Let the world be more accessible to everyone!

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