Volunteer Management in Crisis Conference Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg

On November 18, we were invited to Germany, Augsburg as lecturers at the Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg conference “Volunteer Management in Crisis”, which was attended by representatives of NGOs.

Volunteer Management in Times of Crisis

The severe consequences of hostilities in Ukraine have also affected our country. From the end of February, for several months, the work of the Jewish Community and our entire country changed dramatically and was directed to help refugees. We all rallied to provide support to people who are in trouble and came to Moldova, hoping to find temporary shelter here.

Volunteer Coordinator Network Workshop

At the beginning of the month, on March 6 and 7, the long-awaited seminar of the Network of Volunteer Coordinators took place. At the seminar, our coordinators studied various topics that will help them in promoting their projects, attracting new volunteers and accompanying them in the future. Also at the […]

Seminars with psychologists

Despite the nobility of their work, volunteers often face problems and difficulties. How to communicate with elderly people? Which games are best for interaction with children? How to prepare for coming to oncology departments? And these are just a few questions that a volunteer may have. A professional can answer […]

Volunteer school

Волонтерами не рождаются, ими становятся.
С латинского voluntaries в дословном переводе это слово означает желающий.

Open Space

“Open space” – это неформальные встречи для волонтёров из разных проектов.

Meetings with specialists

В рамках некоторых проектов возникает потребность в приобретении волонтёрами определённых навыков, необходимых для выполнения задач проекта.