Volunteer Management in Crisis Conference Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg

On November 18, we were invited to Germany, Augsburg as lecturers at the Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg conference “Volunteer Management in Crisis”, which was attended by representatives of NGOs.

Outdoor event in the framework of the holiday of Sukkot

Field meetings are an integral part of the Volunteer Center, they allow us to bring a new, bright color to our routine activities, such meetings give new acquaintances and impressions.

Intensive on the topic “Autumn Jewish holidays”

For RVC volunteers, an intensive seminar was held on the topic “Autumn Jewish Holidays”.

Teambuilding for volunteers

The Republican Volunteer Center hosted a teambuilding for volunteers in two areas: work with the elderly and work with children.

Visiting an apple factory as part of Apple Week

During the delicious and sweet week “Apple Week”, timed to coincide with the most important Jewish holiday – Rosh Hashanah, we held a large number of promotions.

The project “Calendar through the eyes of children” was implemented with the support and partnership of the JDC

For 10 months, project participants: volunteers, children and families met with Jewish educators, psychologists, studied the Jewish calendar, holidays and history in an interesting informal way in order to depict the knowledge gained through the eyes of children in the 5783 calendar.

Second Volunteer Community Festival passed

The second Volunteer Community Festival for volunteers from 4 cities took place. The festival was attended by 100 volunteers from Chisinau, Balti, Rybnitsa, Tiraspol.

Volunteer Management in Times of Crisis

The severe consequences of hostilities in Ukraine have also affected our country. From the end of February, for several months, the work of the Jewish Community and our entire country changed dramatically and was directed to help refugees. We all rallied to provide support to people who are in trouble and came to Moldova, hoping to find temporary shelter here.

An outdoor educational seminar “B-SAFETY” was held

On July 17, 2022, the traveling educational seminar “B-SAFETY” was held for 50 participants of the RVC Volunteer Center. The seminar was made possible thanks to the support of BEARR small grants, for which our team is very grateful!

Educational Seminar “The Origins of Mercy”

We invite volunteers of the “Sources of Mercy” project from Chisinau, Balti, Rybnitsa and Tiraspol to take part in a large 3-day field seminar of the project from July 29-31 in Vadul-lui-Vody.

“B-SAFETY” workshop

“B-SAFETY” – time to take care of yourself!

Call Center project seminar was held offline

In any area, it is very important to develop and not stop there. At our Center, when it comes to education and continuing education, we are guided by this.