Healthy Vitamin Box project in 2022

Throughout the year, the Volunteer Center hosts a large number of various projects aimed at various groups of people. Today we will talk about one of them – Healthy Vitamin Box 2022.

An incentive event for volunteers who have worked with refugees

The situation in Ukraine has forced us all to mobilize, unite, show empathy and humanity.

New project “PROF SKILL”

On Friday, the first meeting of volunteers with the elderly was held as part of the PROF SKILL project!

Action “Expand the boundaries of goodness!”

Doing good deeds is great and very important. Only in this way can we make life around us a little better and kinder.

Happy Passover 5782!

Happy Passover 5782!

Good Deeds Day 20222

The Republican Volunteer Center for the seventh time joins the worldwide movement “Good Deeds Day”, which unites residents in more than 108 countries of the world.

Help for refugees from Ukraine

It is in our power to help those who are now forced to leave their homes and go to another country in search of safety.

Project “Calendar through the eyes of children”

The project “Calendar through the eyes of children” is an opportunity to get to know Jewish culture and traditions of the Jewish people more closely

Origins of Mercy

The “Origins of Mercy” project is more of a direction of the RVC volunteer programs, the main goal of which is to help elderly clients of HESED.

Successes of RVC volunteers in FEBRUARY

February is a short month but very busy for the RVC Volunteer Center.

“Bring Joy” summing up

From year to year, we pay special attention to the holiday dedicated to the salvation of the Jews in the Persian kingdom more than 2400 years ago – Purim.

Delivery of humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees

The events of the past few weeks have forced us to mobilize, unite and remember the main thing, humanity.