Mass events and volunteer actions


Good Deeds Day in Moldova 2024

9900 volunteers participated in the Good Deeds Day across 125 localities in Moldova!

10 years of good deeds!

Today, you are not just opening the pages of a brochure but a chapter in the history of good deeds, a chapter each of us...

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Sabbath of Three Generations

The Sabbath in the Jewish tradition is a time of rest and contemplation.

Ninth "Volunteer of the Year" Ceremony

55 active volunteers from different cities in Moldova were recognized in 10 categories.

Retro tour for elderly people

A special event war organised foe elderly people in the Origins of Mercy Project

Volunteer Vacancies Fair 2023

On Friday, September 22nd, the annual "Volunteer Vacancy Fair" organized by RVC took place at the "NARINGI" cafe on the ...

Sporty volunteering at RVC!

For the second year in a row, the RVC Volunteer Center has been successfully cooperating with the Triathlon Federation o...

Volunteers on Eco Day

On August 6, an amazing event took place - Volunteer ECO Day. This event brought together people for whom ecology is not...

RVC succeses in July

Despite the fact that during the summer, a large part of the population leaves the city for vacation, our activities do ...

RVC achievements in June!

The first month of summer is behind us, and it’s time to remember its brightest moments!

RVC progress check in May!

Another month has passed, which means that it’s time to recollect the highlights of the RVC Volunteer Center that took p...

Cross Triathlon and Family Sport Day

Summer is the perfect time for sports, outdoor activities and enjoying nature. And how great it is when all this can be ...

Day of Good Deeds in Moldova!

The «Good» Movement, which unites millions of volunteers around the world, has been held in our country since 2016. Volu...