Call Center project seminar was held offline

In any area, it is very important to develop and not stop there. At our Center, when it comes to education and continuing education, we are guided by this.

On November 21, an educational seminar was held within the Call Center project, in which 17 volunteers took part. A very important and broad topic was on the agenda – a conscious approach to communicating on the phone: from the characteristics of the target audience to determining the purpose and specifics of each call within the framework of the project and volunteering in general.

The seminar lasted all day. Throughout the entire time, volunteers, who rarely meet each other due to individual schedules, had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange valuable knowledge. Each seminar participant came with his own background, as he had experience of communicating on the phone with different clients and ages. Together, the participants drew up a portrait of an ideal interlocutor – something that every volunteer of the project should strive for. Also, for new volunteers, they presented the capabilities of the Call Center project and types of assistance by phone.

The event was conditionally divided into 2 parts: theoretical, where cases from practice were discussed, basic rules for communicating on the phone with different age categories were drawn up. Also for a practical one, where volunteers learned how to compose a competent text of a telephone conversation and got acquainted with the technical capabilities of the Republican Volunteer Center.

We believe that the knowledge gained will be actively applied in practice in the near future, because the ability to conduct a dialogue is a very important quality for any volunteer!


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