“Calendar through the eyes of children” has come to an end

“Calendar through the eyes of children” is a project that allowed each participant to learn about the history and traditions of the Jewish people, as well as become the main participant in the calendar for 5783.

Throughout the year, we look at the calendar to find out about upcoming holidays, weekends, celebrate important events and plan weekdays. Over the years, we use the wall or desk calendar less and less, however, the participants of the “Calendar through the eyes of children” project tried to correct this situation and bring new colors to the calendar of daily use that can please and attract the attention of adults and children.

For almost a year, since October 2021, volunteers of the Republican Volunteer Center took part in monthly meetings, in which they introduced children from 7 to 12 years old to Jewish history and the tradition of Jewish holidays. The classes also included useful skills in drawing up a color scheme, the stages of creating a calendar and other things important for design. But, as you know, you can and should always learn, and parents are an example for children, therefore, together with their children, parents also took part in projects, attending interesting meetings from the Jewish educator Rivekka Saftronova and psychologist Lina Tetyusheva.

For a whole year, children with their parents and volunteers thought over the concept of the calendar, color palettes, drawings, but the end result showed that all the efforts were not in vain.

On September 30, at the “Apple Cake Shabbat”, held as part of the week of Rosh Hashanah, the result of all efforts was presented – our calendar. At the meeting, all participants, volunteers and invited guests were able to receive, view photos of the children and learn about the upcoming Jewish holidays.

Thanks to the support of the JDC, we managed to preserve Jewish culture and pass it on to future generations. And this is the best reward!


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