We use board games to work with children, older people, families. It is relaxing and fascinating for people of all ages. That is why we always have new games. Everyone enjoys playing games, even if many people hide this fact.

Games are always a comeback to the childhood, a way to escape from the reality, to forget, to relax and to have fun! It is also a good idea of spending time with friends!

Due to the fact that we got new and interesting board games, we organized BOARD GAMES EVENING for our volunteers to try new games and to spend a wonderful time in our friendly atmosphere.

The volunteers played more than 10 new games, but most of all they liked:

a new monopoly without paper money! This is an updated version of the game with bank cards! It works not only with four plastic cards of the monopolist (counts the cash balance, makes payments, withdraws money out from the credit card), but also with the cards of Property and Events. Thus, almost all the “memory” of the game is stored in this small electronic box.

An exciting game called Activity and association game Dixit amused everyone.

In addition, our friendly team played new game EGO, which we helped us got to know each other better. And, of course, we enjoyed Concept which is a word guessing game!

The evening just slipped away! It was very cool! And the most important is that our volunteers had a great time! We are glad that we pleased them!

We will definitely arrange such evenings again! Do not miss! Follow the announcements of our events on our Facebook page

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