Bag to School

We’ve launched the “Bag to School” campaign since August 1. We invite you and members of your organizations to take part in the campaign. From August 1 to August 25, Volunteer Center RVC invites you to take part in the charity action and to pack a schoolbag for children from large families. 10 families will receive schoolbags with basic school materials.

Things to purchase for a child:

  • backpacks, gym bags
  • school supplies (notebooks, covers for textbooks and notebooks, pencil cases, rulers, pens, pencils, erasers)
  • creative sets (watercolor sets, sketchbooks, crayons, paint brushes, plasticine)

You can leave gifts at:

➡️ “Hesed Yehuda” Children’s program, E. Doga 5, room 303, 060101083 – Lyudmila Mechina

➡️ Republican Volunteer Center, E. Doga 5, room 310, 069020369, 060062039 – Ira Georgelash

Thank you for participating in this unique campaign!

Best regards,

RVC team


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