“B-SAFETY” workshop

“B-SAFETY” – time to take care of yourself!

In any business, a balance between work and leisure is important, otherwise it becomes very difficult to avoid emotional burnout. Volunteering is also exposed to this risk, because supporting, helping and being close to those who need it requires a lot of commitment from us.

How can we avoid this? Invest in yourself, be close to like-minded people and, of course, arrange retreats for yourself. Inspired by these thoughts, we are launching the B-SAFETY project supported by BEARR grants.
“B-SAFETY” is a one-day traveling educational seminar, which will take place on July 17, for our active long-term volunteers, for pandemic volunteers and crisis volunteers working with refugees from Ukraine. The seminar is aimed at deepening and studying the basics of safety in various areas in order to maintain the motivation of volunteers, educate and prevent the very emotional burnout.

At the seminar, specialists from various fields will train volunteers in first aid, Internet safety, proper nutrition, help in expanding the knowledge of volunteering and motivation, and provide psychological support.
Each of the invited speakers will reveal the topic of safety for long-term volunteers, responding to the general idea of ​​the B-SAFETY project.

“This project was supported by The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme”
“This project was supported by the BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme”

By pre-registration.

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