“An Hour with a Psychologist”

There are sometimes very difficult tasks in volunteering that conflict with our inner voice. It happens that we are not able to cope with the tasks and the work is sometimes emotionally difficult for us. And the newcomers, the volunteers who have just joined us, do not know at all what field they want to work with and who they want to work with.

“An Hour with a Psychologist” will help you to solve these and other questions.

These meetings help the volunteers to understand themselves, the main difficulties that volunteers usually face with and to find ways to solve them.

These are meetings that really HELP.

We invite all new volunteers of our center to visit “An Hour with a psychologist” which will be held on April 11 at 17:00 and on April 25 at 17: 00 at room №305.

We are waiting for you!

Infoline: Barbaneagra Julia (068093523)

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