Action “Bring a joy” pleased the elderly and children

On the eve of Purim, the results of the traditional Purim charitable action “Bring a Joy” were summed up. From February 1 to February 22, sweets collection points were organized throughout the city, where everyone could bring sweets, cookies, chocolate – in a word, everything that children love so much and always cheers up! The RVC team conducted a large-scale campaign to attract partners and economic agents to participate in this important and good deed. We planned to collect 30 gift sets for children from families at risk and 10 sets for single seniors, but thanks to the activity of volunteers and responsive partners, the list of seniors was doubled. This year 3 more cities joined the action “Bring a Joy”: Balti, Rybnitsa and Tiraspol. In the regions, the collection of sweets lasted 2 weeks, during which gift sets for children and elderly members of the community were collected.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the partners who provided assistance and took an active part in the campaign: JOINT, HESED BC, HAVERIM Youth Platform, Jewish kindergarten №68, Colibri, Vladalina companies. Thanks to your support, we have brought joy to 50 families and members of the Chisinau community.

Also, as part of the “Bring a Joy” campaign, a photo contest was held among volunteers. The task of the participants was not only to bring sweets, but also to tell about the action on their pages in social networks, using #bringjoy fromRVC. Volunteers of different ages shared photos and passed the baton of kindness to their friends and acquaintances throughout February. On the evening of February 26, the winners of the photo contest were announced. They are: Tukan Ekaterina, Gremitskikh Irina, Prahova Lyudmila. Congratulations to the winners! RVC has prepared nice souvenirs for you!

This is how our Purim was! Sweets are collected and delivered!

Happy Purim! Chag Purim Sameach!

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