5 tips to keep children occupied during lockdown

For children, it is really difficult to stay at home. They are used to walk, run, jump, and move all the time. And suddenly a lockdown is put in place. If you want to entertain your children not only with computer games, but with something useful and interesting, this article is for you, then.


Experiments are always exciting and interesting, especially, for children. We encourage you to conduct simple chemical and physical experiments with your child, which are easy to do and much fun.

  • Show your child some amazing experiments with water. Take 7 plastic cups (you can take more or less), different food colors, and paper napkins. Put all plastic cups in a row, add a different food color and some water to each second plastic cup. Cut strips of paper napkins. Dip the strips into the cups, so that one end of each strip is in the plastic cup with water, and the other end is in the empty plastic cup. You will observe the water move into the empty plastic cups, mixing the colors.

  • Invisible inscription: Let your child feel like a magician. First, let’s make invisible ink. Add a third of a glass of soda to a third of a glass of water. The mixture you get will serve you as ink. Write a word with a cotton swab, preferably on cardboard, so that your child does not see it. Then, together with your child, carefully pour some grape or lemon juice over the cardboard. As you understand, the sour juice will react with the soda, and the inscription will appear on the cardboard.


  • Make a snake! Draw and cut a coil shape from the paper plate, decorate it further as a snake, attach a thread to its head, so that you can hang it. Then, you will need some heat source: a hob, an iron, a lamp, a heated dry frying pan. Hang the spiral over the heat source, and the snake will come alive!

  • Tornado in the jar. This is a simple but fascinating experiment! All you need is some water, dishwashing liquid, and a jar, you can also add some glitter. Fill the jar with water, add some dishwashing liquid, and then a little glitter, to make it more fun. Close the jar tightly, shake the solution clockwise and observe the magic.

Home performance

  • Puppet theater. Based on your child’s favorite fairy tale, using their toys, rehearse a play with your child and perform it to your family members. The most difficult part consists in making a screen for the young puppeteer. For this purpose, you can use a scarf and a large cardboard box or an extra large pillow. For sure, the child will take the challenge with pleasure and responsibility, in order to prepare for their first performance.

  • Role playing game. Turn your apartment into a theater. Distribute roles among your family members and perform a play based on your child’s favorite fairy tale. It will be so much fun! Besides, it will unite your family and make good memories. Record the performance, to make sure that you can watch it all over again a few years later and smile, recalling how you entertained yourself and your children during coronavirus lockdown.

We cook together.

Cooking something delicious will not only be an interesting experience, but also a creative manifestation of yourself for Your child. Bake cookies, let the kid come up with a form for it. Make a cake ” Broken glass” – any kid will be attracted by the process of cooking it.

Подделки и рисунки

  • Hedgehog. You will need: knitting thread, paper, glue, colored pencils. To start, draw a hedgehog together with the baby on paper, but without needles, we will do them later. Take the thread and cut it into 3 cm pieces. Glue them at the base, like needles, on the back of the hedgehog. Here is a cute hedgehog with fluffy spines we have turned out.
  • An unusual balloon. Such a fake will even easily become an interesting piece of decoration. Everything we like: floss thread, PVA glue and an inflatable balloon. What you need to do: inflate the balloon, make a hole in a plastic bottle of glue with a needle and thread, or pour the glue into any container in which it will be convenient to wet the thread. As you understand, the thread must be completely in the glue. Then you begin to wrap it like a spider’s web around a ball so that it completely covers it. Let the glue dry. After making sure that the thread is completely dry, use a needle or scissors to pop the ball inside and carefully remove it. The resulting ball can be decorated, make it eyes and nose, or decorate under the ceiling.

And, of course, Board games, drawings, good old Twister.

Remember that your attention is important to children. Try to give it to them

Maybe now, their big dream has come true – finally, parents are not in a hurry to work, they do not need to run away to the fitness room, mom and dad are at home, isn’t it happiness?!


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