We provide support for Ukrainian refugees

At the moment, due to the situation in Ukraine, our Volunteer Center is working in several directions at once in order to organize work within the team and help refugees.

Our Center collects humanitarian aid for refugees. The collection itself takes place within the walls of the JCC “KEDEM”, located at E. Doga 5, office 310. We really need personal hygiene products, utensils for cooking, bed linen and accessories, food products, medicines, as well as food and creative kits for kids.

For all questions, you can contact our coordinators: Alexandra – +37379006890, Adele – +37379108366

We do not forget about those who are still in Ukraine. Especially for them, we organized a “Call Center” calling and informing the elderly from Ukraine, as well as a “Hot Line” for refugees who are on different sides of the border. In these areas, we also need the help of volunteers: work in the Call Center, receiving calls from the Hot Line, as well as working with the database. For our part, we offer a cozy workplace within the walls of KEDEM and a flexible schedule.

For more information, please contact our coordinators: Irina — +37360062039, Evgeniya — +37362153680


We have also set up a rapid response team to help refugees. We are looking for volunteers with their own cars who could meet refugees at the border, help with the logistics of accommodation and resettlement, and participate in the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid. And within the framework of this direction, we are looking for a photographer / videographer who could help us with shooting photo and video reports.

Contact information of coordinators responsible for the project: Olga — +37360184358, Alexandra — +37379006890

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