10 ideas than dealing with quarantine

In our frenzied world of the 21st century, we constantly do not have enough time for anything. We are always busy with something, and if we are not busy, we get so tired during the time we are busy that we can no longer do anything. And so while you have an unplanned vacation the RVC team has prepared for you the top 10 ideas what to do with yourself in quarantine:

1. Watching motivational movies
By the way, earlier we shared a wonderful selection of movies – you can use it! But just in case of a bitch I’ll leave it link 

2. Reading books
We read less often – we need to correct it. By the way, it would be useful to read books about human health (for example, ” What hides the skin»)

3. Start a General cleaning, go through the wardrobe
This activity will definitely take a long time, and when if not now. By clearing the space, we prepare the place for something new.

4. Do some meditation
Meditation is not just mumbling and sitting on the floor! It is a deep practice! It takes a lot of time to approach this issue correctly. Hmm, we all have it now!

5. Spend warm evenings with your family.
We are all constantly in business and even living with our parents, with their second half, sometimes we do not have enough time and energy for warm conversations with each other in the evening over a Cup of tea. Sounds sweet, but as in fact! Try it!

Start, and maybe continue to learn a foreign language. Sign up for online courses. Learn something new. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to draw? Now is the time!

7. Prepare a new dish
Treat yourself and your loved ones with something delicious. Or maybe it will be a collective creativity. By the way, RVC released the book “Recipes of my Jewish grandmother” – there are a hundred cool recipes! Don’t thank me for the idea!

8. Make a gift with your own hands
This is a great reason to distract yourself, get creative and make your loved one happy.

9. To help elderly neighbors
This is important! Don’t forget in quarantine that someone needs help. If you follow all the rules (antiseptic, gloves, mask), you can go to a store or pharmacy and help an elderly neighbor (neighbor) buy the necessary things.

10. Start exercising in the morning/doing sports
The key to health! There are a lot of online workouts on the Internet – turn them on, get in a good mood, at the end dance to your favorite song and believe me, the day will be super!

“If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it.” Take everything that is happening more positively, look for the pros, and we will help you with this.

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