Become part of the Healthy Vitamin Box project team

Become part of the Healthy Vitamin Box project team!
The Healthy Vitamin Box is a social volunteer project that helps 50 members – low-income seniors and community families – provide a monthly healthy food basket. The project starts very soon! We are looking for volunteers to plan with us, communicate with partners, pack and deliver the Healthy Vitamin Box.
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Voluntary help worth respect.

Our friends with paws are known for their loving hearts and loyalty. Unfortunately, animals are not protected by law and people can be cruel to them. People bring a creature home, affected by emotions similar to ones they feel, buying a plush toy. List of their immoral actions is endless, but our team of volunteers decided to balance this unfairness. We started our marathon of love and care, because our little friends deserve it.

Good Deeds Day in Moldova 15 May 2022

The Republican Volunteer Center for the seventh time joins the worldwide movement “Good Deeds Day”, which unites residents in more than 108 countries of the world. Millions of people, thousands of organizations and companies around the world come together every year to help others for free.
Republican Volunteer Center is the official representative of “Good Deeds Day” in Moldova. We invite commercial and non-commercial organizations to join us and organize their own action within the framework of the “Day of Good Deeds”. You yourself can propose a type of activity and recruit your own group of volunteers.
And also, everyone who wants to take part in a volunteer action as part of the Good Deeds Day can fill out an online questionnaire. You can choose the type of activity from several of the promotions below.

We help the elderly in the project “Origins of Mercy”

The “Origins of Mercy” project is a large area of RVC volunteer programs, the main goal of which is to help elderly clients of HESED. Volunteers provide assistance in two formats at once: online and offline.
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RVC successes in JUNE

The first day of summer came out as bright and productive as possible. With the entire team of the Center, we were very active in online and offline formats

An outdoor educational seminar “B-SAFETY” was held

On July 17, 2022, the traveling educational seminar “B-SAFETY” was held for 50 participants of the RVC Volunteer Center. The seminar was made possible thanks to the support of BEARR small grants, for which our team is very grateful!

Annual movement for the Day of Knowledge “Bag to School”

We invite everyone to take part in the annual charitable volunteer action for the Day of Knowledge “Bag to School” – collect a schoolbag!

Healthy Vitamin Box project in 2022

Throughout the year, the Volunteer Center hosts a large number of various projects aimed at various groups of people. Today we will talk about one of them – Healthy Vitamin Box 2022.

An incentive event for volunteers who have worked with refugees

The situation in Ukraine has forced us all to mobilize, unite, show empathy and humanity.

New project “PROF SKILL”

On Friday, the first meeting of volunteers with the elderly was held as part of the PROF SKILL project!

Action “Expand the boundaries of goodness!”

Doing good deeds is great and very important. Only in this way can we make life around us a little better and kinder.

Happy Passover 5782!

Happy Passover 5782!

Good Deeds Day 20222

The Republican Volunteer Center for the seventh time joins the worldwide movement “Good Deeds Day”, which unites residents in more than 108 countries of the world.

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Ana Doni
Ana Doni

My name is Anya Doni and I am a volunteer. My first experience of volunteering was at school, my guys and I made New Year’s cards for children from the orphanage. And if we talk about a larger, serious project, then I took part in a national conference against violence, where, by the way, the idea of ​​a social project created at the Be Do Have summer school was born: “Spune NU Violenței”.
I was inspired to volunteer by the desire to help children, to do something good for them. At that stage of my life, I could say, it was like wearing pink glasses. Of course, I heard about violence, but it was somehow far from me and was taken more from films, books, and the topics raised at the conference, statistics and frightening facts greatly shocked me. As if I hadn’t expected that people can be so cruel, especially towards children.
I am motivated to volunteer most of all by the desire to give – strength, time, my energy, to share my positive, to help those who need it. And get positive emotions in return. This is probably my dope! I believe that positive emotions are the key to a happy life. Speaking about the projects in which I have participated, I immediately remember my sister’s participation in the project “School of life”. Masha asked me to give a lecture about sex education among teenagers. I gave this lesson, realized that I liked it, and most importantly, that the children liked the lecture! I also really enjoy working on my project “Spune NU violenței!” – this project is aimed at informing adolescents about different types of violence, as well as learning to recognize and respond to violence. One of the most striking recent events is the presentation of the project to the Summer School Be.Do. Have and obtaining a certificate from KMB. I didn’t expect to receive this certificate at all and, of course, when your work is appreciated, it’s very nice. And the very defense of the project was very exciting for me, I was very worried, because I understood that all responsibility for the project lay with me, and since I did not have a team, I could not take into account some shortcomings.

Anastasia Stratan
Anastasia Stratan

My name is Anastasia. I am 26. I am studying at “UTM” or at the Technical University of Moldova, as a marketer – logistician.

I accidentally found out about RVC. An acquaintance of mine worked as a coordinator at RVC. He invited me to the volunteer center.

– I have been volunteering for 6 months.

– Participated in the delivery of gifts, at master classes, as well as in the “Global Day” and in the action “Bring joy!”

– My main activity is calling the elderly and volunteers.

In volunteering, I see a lot of pleasant and useful things! For example, I have the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge for good purposes, I meet very interesting people, thereby expanding my horizons, etc.

Elderly people are mostly very lonely … I didn’t have grandparents, but now I have a lot of them! (Happy) I try to support them, to listen. I am always happy when I hear laughter on the other end of the line!

Elderly people are grown-up children. Lovely and at the same time wise! This makes them very interesting to me.

One day, I called an elderly man. By my voice, I mistakenly thought that this was my geography teacher, but it turned out that this interesting lady had worked as a shoemaker for 30 years. Surprisingly, this is hard work, not for a woman! And also, this is a very necessary profession. But often people are not attracted to becoming a master …

Ekaterina Labunets
Ekaterina Labunets

“Hello. My name is Ekaterina Labunets. I am 15 years old. I am in the 9th grade of the Theoretical Lyceum “George Călinescu”. My favorite activities are reading and spending time with people close and dear to me. I get pleasure when I can learn something new, as well as when I take part in projects that are new to me. The latter quality made me want to try myself as a volunteer.
For a long time I was looking for a volunteer center until I saw the publication of a friend about a volunteer action within the framework of the “Good Deeds Day” organized by RVC. After finding out more information, I decided to take part! For a month and a half I have been a volunteer in many of the Center’s projects.
The first project in which I took part was “Limba Noastră”. I really like it, I enjoy helping other people in learning Romanian.
At the same time, I had the opportunity to take part in other projects and actions, such as Healthy Vitamine Box, where together with other volunteers we delivered gifts specially prepared for them to the elderly. I still remember the sincere smiles and great gratitude of these people.
I enjoy volunteering and I don’t want to stop. This makes me happy and adds to the desire to make even more joy for the people around me. I want to get as much experience as possible in what I do: supporting the environment, working with children and the elderly. It makes me happy too. ”
The RVC team, in turn, is pleased to welcome Katya to our large and friendly volunteer family and to help achieve our goals.

Polishiuk Kristina
Polishiuk Kristina

I’m 17 years old. At the moment I’m not studying anywhere. I may say that my hobbies are learning English and doing sports. Moreover I enjoy philosophy and psychology.

About volunteering I’ve found out from my classmate but couldn’t decide to come to the Volunteer Center for a long time, because my free time was very limited. In February I’ve finally got this opportunity and I’ve decided to spend my free time with benefit. I like the possibilities which Volunteer Center provides. In addition to help people, I can develop my personality: gain new knowledge and communicate with interesting people. It is very valuable for me.

I take part in most of Center’s projects, but the most I enjoy the ones related to elderly. Communication with older people is a real pleasure for me.

Volunteering gives me invaluable experience and awesome memories. It has completely changed my life. I’ve become a different person, gained new knowledge and started to understand people better. I’m motivated by the fact that I may be useful for society and at the same time develop as an individual.

I’d like to wish volunteers not to lose faith in your favourite activity, but to improve yourself, to put your heart into the things you do, and to launch «The Boomerang of Good» which is going to return if you do it from your heart.

Roman Raspopa
Roman Raspopa

My name is Roman Raspopa, I am 17 years old. I study at the “Children’s Academy” school. I learned about RVC through my classmates, the guys talked about the projects of the Center and I wanted to join such a cool movement.
I have been volunteering for 10 months, during this time I made new acquaintances, made friends with other volunteers and coordinators. Today I call, inform and interview the elderly, and also cheer them up. The latter is my favorite. I love to tell interesting stories and, most importantly, listen to the same stories in return. People of the golden age have a lot of life experience and a storehouse of stories that you want to listen to more and more.
As I said above, what I like most about the volunteer movement is communication and meeting new people. Most of all I was surprised by the Jewish holidays, because I did not know anything about them before. In just 10 months of my volunteering, I filled in all these gaps, learned national holidays, learned more from the history of the Jewish people, and also took part in Shabbat.
Being a volunteer at the RVC means being part of a big family that wants to make this world a little better. And this is great!


Hi! My name is Lily, I am developing web design for mobile applications. I am a graphic designer by profession. I love active recreation, Hiking on mountain trails, I love to travel, this inspires me to new projects and their implementation. I also walk my videos sometimes.

I got into RVC thanks to your Facebook page and invitations to participate in events. As soon as I had time, I remembered that I wanted to devote it to helping people together with the team of the volunteer center. I myself have been engaged in volunteer activities for more than 9 years. But I like to do this more in RVC, because here your participation is encouraged, and this moves you forward, motivates you to develop further and, not least, encourages you to invite others. In short, I like the level that is supported here!

I continue to be a volunteer, because to be useful to someone, for me – it is to improve, create, influence, help – it is a continuous chain. I like it when people try to change for the better, or find answers to their questions when they turn to me for help, advice, or request.

If we talk about motivation, it is probably, in a sense, a miracle that happens when the right people find the right people. Have you watched the movie “Stars on earth”? The main character-a boy is forced to endure bullying until he finds the right (knowledgeable and not indifferent) teacher, who finds the reason and correctly explains it and everything falls into place. I’m motivated by meeting people and how we influence each other.

I try to participate in all projects, but the closest, of course, are those related to nature, its preservation, ecology. I also like projects that focus on training and development, both for the younger generation and the elderly.I believe that development is an important process in our life that needs a lot of attention. And projects related to creativity, transformation into the new, because through them people learn to see beauty.

One of the most striking events for me was the photo exhibition “Past Now”, with the participation of older people. The shots were represented by their transformation into their best version. Also at the exhibition, everyone could try out innovations in the field of mobile technologies and games. In fact, there was something memorable in every meeting, event, and a lot of love, knowledge, time, and work was invested in each event!

I want to wish the Republican Volunteer Center to become even better! Even more interesting! Create a lot of projects that are important to bring to life!

Thank you, you are great!!!

Elena Neagu
Elena Neagu

I am 38 years old and I am a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center! Behind two higher educations (journalism and psychology), work in a bank and a leasing company. Today I am working on one online project. I have my own mini-project on eco-bags, which I am actively promoting. I dance, paint and meditate.
Two years ago I created an event for cleaning the capital’s park, Pavel also came to clean up (at that time he was a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center in the Chisinau Chisinau project), he introduced me to the Russian Exhibition Center. For two years I have been in the Pure Chisinau project, and in the pandemic I also joined in the delivery of packages for the elderly.
At the Russian Exhibition Center, I met like-minded people whom I could not find in my friends’ space. And this is a key point for me: together to make the world a better place is much easier and faster than alone. I like working with the administrative staff of the RVTs, the organizational level is very good and the girls are very cool and perky)
(I don’t remember very much stories to capture the spirit of interest) I was somehow impressed by our cleaning in Butoyash Park, garbage can be different and what we just don’t collect: from bottles to underwear accessories, pillows with hair, but the TV I have not yet seen in the depths of the park. I was impressed by the fact that someone brought him there on purpose and for the sake of which it is not clear) Or in the same park there was a mound, it seemed to be neat around it, and behind the hillock, there were so many plastic bottles that there were so many of them that almost all of our bags were gone on them, and there were many of them.

Albina Borimechkova
Albina Borimechkova

A volunteer is a state of mind. The desire to do good, help people and make the world around you a better place. Age, profession in this case are not at all important, because the main thing is a sincere impulse.
Today our hero is Albina Borimechkova. Albina is 44 years old. Works as an office manager in a car service company.
“For many years I, together with my mother and family, participated in KEDEM’s events. I knew about the activities of the RVC for a long time and took part in one-time actions. I consciously started volunteering this year, decided that I want to devote more time to this. At the moment I am engaged in helping the elderly, being part of the Call-Center project. I am also ready to participate in other projects in this direction, as well as in the framework of the “Origins of Mercy”.
What motivates you? I would like to give good, to devote time and attention. Volunteering was brought up in me by my mother and I want to continue by my example to bring up a sense of care and responsibility for other people in my children.
Of course, in volunteering, you can’t do without funny stories. Once a funny situation happened to us. One granny gave me and the children clothes from her chest. And we had to dress like children from the dungeon every time we met to please her.
I am sure that volunteering is important. It is important for our society, for people. It develops a sense of responsibility, educates a person in you – very important qualities in modern society “

Neagu Elena
Neagu Elena

Hello everyone! My name is Elena, I am 38 years old and I am a volunteer of the Republican Center! Behind me I have two higher educations: journalism and psychology. After them, I worked for a long time in a bank and a leasing company. Today I am working on my own online project on eco-bags.
In my free time I dance, paint and meditate. How did I become a part of the Russian Exhibition Center? Two years ago, I organized an event to clean up the capital’s park. Pavel came to the cleaning service, who at that time was a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center in the “Clean Chisinau” project, and it was he who introduced me to the Center. For two years I took an active part in the “Clean Chisinau” project, and during the pandemic I decided to join the delivery of packages / products for the elderly. At the Center, I found like-minded people whom I did not find in my environment. I am convinced that making the world a better place is much easier for all together, as a team, than alone. I also really enjoy working with the coordinators of the RVC, they manage to gather and organize everyone, it motivates and inspires. And the girls working there are very cool and perky in themselves. For me, everything that happens in the Center is something absolutely amazing, so I cannot mention any one story.

Cheprasova Irina
Cheprasova Irina

My name is Irina, I am 57 years old. I am a retired engineer, accountant, and administrator. I like to lead an active lifestyle and be creative. I am also engaged in volunteering for the third year. I am always happy to help people, and now I can pay more attention to this, because I have free time and opportunities. At RVC, I was attracted by the interest in new activities and an existing organization that I saw great potential in. I am inspired to continue my active volunteer work by people who need my help, as well as the support of my beloved daughter and like-minded people. From the very beginning, I chose to help the elderly. I am interested in learning and developing in this field, giving joy and hope. My advice to new volunteers is to look around and find those who need your help, and then start giving a piece of yourself, your time, and your soul.

Igor Perchun
Igor Perchun

Good afternoon, my name is Igor Perchun and I am 50 years old. I own my own business, but due to the quarantine, I suspended the work of my enterprise in order to protect my employees. I joined the RVC recently. Having learned about the need to participate in the delivery of humanitarian aid and meals for the elderly, I realized that I could and should help. I deliver meals for the elderly, and also participate in the delivery of humanitarian aid as a driver, and I feel that my help is needed now more than ever. First of all, I like the activity and responsiveness of the coordinators of the Volunteer Center. They seem to work for two, or even three at once. I believe that this kind of adaptation to the conditions is necessary. Help must be provided and if volunteers are able to help people at a distance, it only warms my soul. I believe that the world needs good deeds. I myself was the most active pioneer, and from childhood I remember that the weak and needy need help. That is why now I am trying to make the world a better place and make my own modest contribution to the common good.

Ksenia Vylkovoy
Ksenia Vylkovoy

“Hello everyone! My name is Ksyusha and I recently moved to the 11th grade. I have a lot of hobbies – I like to read, go and want to master the art of photography. Very soon it will be time to go to university and there will be much less free time there, so I decided to volunteer, now that I’ve considered all the options, I’ve decided to opt for our Center! I never regretted it!
I started my activity with online conferences with the elderly and visiting animal shelters. First of all, I really like animals and I chose online conferences because there is no way to be present in the city and volunteer offline.
I am interested in participating intensely in RVC offers, meeting new people, communicating and gaining experience. I also really want to do something good for people, to take care of children, of the elderly. Help the animals. I hope very soon, to know you better and to be friends for a long, long time! “

Valery Albu
Valery Albu

Hey! I am 20 years old. I am a student, UTM, Electricity.

I learned about the RVC from a young man who was already an active volunteer for the center. Detachment began in July 2020 – she delivered hot meals to lonely, sedentary elderly.Today she is an active volunteer of the CALL CENTER – she is informing the elderly in Chisinau and the regions about RVC projects and the epidemiological situation in the country, helps with the delivery of food to lonely elderly people and congratulates them on the holidays.

Volunteering attracts her with a variety of stories, destinies of older people. With the usual planned informing of the elderly, I got acquainted with the stories of dozens of heads and grandfathers. Hearing various interesting stories from the elderly is one of the main motivators of her activity. For example, my grandmother, when calling, told about her occupation back in the Soviet Union. About how she was a mechanic, how much this profession fascinated her and how much she misses that time. Such short and insignificant, at first glance, things, but they make Leroux think about her profession, about how important it is to love what you do and truly get carried away with your craft and constantly grow and develop professionally.

All volunteers