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“Скажи НЕТ насилию”

В рамках Летней Школы BEDOHAVE 2019 появился новый проект – “Скажи НЕТ насилию”!

Trolleybus design competition “Fă un bine”

Создай свой макет для оформления троллейбуса!

“Volunteer Coordinator Network”


The “Repair School” Project

When active and experienced volunteers come together to create new ideas, the real brainstorm begins!

Proiectul “Originile milei”

We thank the volunteers, who improve their level through everyday work, good deeds and completed applications as well as help the wards to solve their needs! We thank them for help and support of our ideas.

The “Vanishing the borders and barriers” project

In order to work with this problem, our volunteers study this topic at seminars and trainings. In addition, we are ready to train and prepare “newcomers” who want to help these people.

Project “We change paper for good”

In July we collected 300 kg. recycled paper and exchanged for paper products for home, which will be given to our elderly wards.

Summer School “Be.Do.Have”

From the 7th to the 12th of August, we are waiting for you at the Summer School “BE.DO.HAVE: Power Team” 2018

The group of “Coordinator Volunteers”

Six months ago we had an idea to ​​create a group of coordinator volunteers. We needed assistants and support!

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