Parents and grandparents – our most wise friends.

Home is the place where we can be our true selfs. It is the most significant place for every one. We love our home full of support and cosiness. Unfortunately, some times it might be hard for one of us to keep it in good condition. Poor weather, breakages, damages affect our houses. Project ‘School of Repairing Skills’ can help elders to fix some small home breakages.

Voluntary help worth respect.

Our friends with paws are known for their loving hearts and loyalty. Unfortunately, animals are not protected by law and people can be cruel to them. People bring a creature home, affected by emotions similar to ones they feel, buying a plush toy. List of their immoral actions is endless, but our team of volunteers decided to balance this unfairness. We started our marathon of love and care, because our little friends deserve it.

What could be more pleasant then a child’s smile?

There is nothing as pleasant as a child’s smile. Children need our attention, that is why creating projects, pointed on helping them is so important. We invite all of you to join our volunteer actions!

Platform for initiatives

You have any initiatives? Lets bring them to life together!
In our center we give the opportunity to promote your idea! Moreover, we will help you with implementing your idea! We can help you create a roadmap for your project!

Our Volunteer Center is waiting for you! Lets create together!

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Virtual Volunteering


Project School of Repair

We started!

Project “Guests for the Sabbath”

Shabbat shalom

Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony 2019

The Annual Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony and RVC’s 5-year Anniversary

The “Mutual Perspective” Project

Do you like to spend your free time with your family?

Hanukkah Pre-Party


Project “CreationSpace”


School of the Deaf

Однажды вечером…

“Festivalul Voluntarilor” – RVC

Спасибо Вам за поддержку, и рады разделить с Вами нашу победу.

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